Driving Range – Do what the Pro’s do on the Range!

I see Junior Golfers practicing on the Driving Range all the time. And hardly any of the players practice the way the Golf Professionals practice on the Driving Range.

Here is what the Pro’s Practice: YARDAGES!

Pro Golfers want to know exactly how far they hit the golf ball with each club in their Golf Bag. ¬†Here’s the Routine:

A Pro will take a golf club – let’s say a 5-Iron – and they will measure how far they hit a golf ball with a Full-Swing using their 5-Iron. So if the Pro hits their 5-Iron a distance of 235-yards, that is the distance they will practice using that club. In many instance the Pro Golfer will take a large golf towel and place it on the Driving Range at a distance of 235-yards. Then the Pro Golfer will start hitting ball after ball at the golf towel that is 235-yards away. The Pro expects to hit the golf towel most of the time. They will often hit hundreds of golf ball with just that particular golf club. The Pro wants to be able to repeatedly hit the ball 235-yards.

So when a Golf Pro is working on the Driving Range they are working on the Yardage that they Hit each Golf Club in their golf bag.

Why is this so important?

Because when a golf pro is playing a golf-hole, they decide what club to hit based on the distance they hit each golf club -and they get those distances from their work on the Driving Range.

In an actual tournament round, how does this work?

Let’s use a Par-4 that is 385-yards long as an example of how this works.
The Pro will decide that trying to reach the green with their Driver isn’t a reasonably possible shot. If they are not going for the green, then they decide what shot do they want to have hitting into the green. If the Pro hit their Wedge 150-yards, they will subtract 150-yards from the length of the hole, which is 385-yards – which equals: 235-yards. This means that the Pro will use their 5-Iron to tee off on the Par-4. This will leave the Pro with a shot of 150-yards into the green.
Pro Golfers love to have a full wedge shot into a green because it’s probably their most reliable shot in terms of yardage. They will land their golf ball on the green almost 100-percent of the time with a full wedge shot.

What does the Junior Golfer typically do on a Par-4 285-yards?
The large majority of Junior’s will take their Driver and just hit it as far as they can. However, this isn’t the best play to make. Most players will be inside 100-yards from the green – and this is exactly when the trouble starts. Why is this a problem? Because the player will have a shot into the green that is not a full-swing with their golf club. And no one – not even the Pro’s – can consistently hit the ball the exact yardage accurately with a partial strength swing. You always want to set up your shot into the green so that you are hitting the golf ball with a full-swing.
Players who manage their play based on the Yardages that they hit with each club will always post the lower round.

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