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Application for 2017 USGA GHIN Handicap

The Alabama Junior Golf Association wants to issue you a USGA (United States Golf Association) Handicap Player I.D. Number at No Charge*.

The Alabama Junior Golf Association is ready to provide you with all of the instructions and assistance you need to maintain your USGA Handicap. Maintaining a USGA Handicap is an important part of competitive tournament golf.

Your Handicap Index is calculated using all of the rounds of golf that you play, both recreational and tournament rounds. Your skill level can be evaluated using your Handicap Index, the Golf Course Rating, and the Yardage/Tees from the course your round was played.

Please provide the following information to receive your GHIN Handicap from the Alabama Junior Golf Association at No Charge.

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*Please note: The GHIN Handicap is available to players up to Age-17 Years Old. Players who are 18-Years Old and Older must get a GHIN Handicap at their Local Golf Course.

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