Golf Tips from Will Wilcox, Tour Pro

Will Wilcox played junior golf for 9-years and was Ranked #17 in the Nation during his Senior Year in High School. Will played in the USGA Junior Amateur, the USGA Mens Amateur, and the British Amateur.

Will played college golf at Clayton State University and had 9-career Tournament Wins – including the Conference Championship, holds the Conference Record for Lowest Stroke Average, was Conference Player of the Year and a 3-time College All-American.

Will was the 2008 Alabama State Men’s Amateur Champion.

Chiquita Classic - Round One

In September 2009, Will began his Professional Golf career. He has 6-Tournament Wins as a professional golfer and was the 2010 NGA (formerly sponsored by Hooters) Tour Rookie of the Year and a 2010 Canadian Tour Champion.

In May 2011, Will played a Nationwide Tour Monday Qualifier and earned an Exemption into the Nationwide Tournament in Athens, GA. Will made the Cut and earned 2nd Place Money, which gave him Full Nationwide Tour Status for all of 2011. Will was only the 16th Player to ever earn his Tour Membership in 1-week. Will finished 2011 at #36 on the Nationwide Tour Money List.

BMW Charity Pro-Am presented by SYNNEX Corporation - Round Two

Will completed the 2013 PGA Tour Season Ranked #9 on the Money List, earning his PGA Tour Card. Will also earned his First Tour Win on the Tour in 2013.

While Will was in college he helped run AJGO Tournaments and now is one of our AJGO Sponsors. Will is a great source for information because he has “Done it All.”

Ask Will: “How often should I play in tournaments?”

I played in junior golf tournaments 12-months a year. First, I really liked tournament play and I wanted to play as often as possible. Second, since I grew quite a bit from age 9 to age 18, I played year-round so my golf swing would not change as I got taller. Third, a lot of the time the weather and course conditions were less than ideal. I wanted to get use to playing the heat, rain, cold, wind and not have it hurt my score. I also wanted to be able to go to a golf course I had never played before and post a score that was similar to what I normally scored.

Remember: As a tournament golfer, it doesn’t do you much good if the only time you can post a low round is at your home course on a sunny day with no wind – and everywhere else you shoot 10-strokes higher.

Ask Will: “I get mad when I have a bad hole and it ruins my round. What can I do different?”
Play in the moment:

  • Your only concern should be the shot you are about to hit.
  • Stay focused on that shot only.
  • Think about exactly where you want the ball to land.
  • Focus and stare at that spot – and make you normal golf swing.
  • If you had your yardage right and the right club and hit it the distance you normally hit that club – you should have hit the ball pretty close to where you wanted it to go.

When the ball does not go exactly where I wanted it to – I will take a moment to think about the swing I just took and perhaps I had the wrong club or the wrong yardage – so I will quickly decide what it was and then start walking to my ball.

As soon as I start walking to my golf ball, I am only thinking about my next shot.

I don’t think about shots I made on previous holes and I don’t think about upcoming holes.

By the time I get to my ball, I pretty much know where I want it to go – I check my yardage and carefully select my club.

I don’t get bothered if I start out the round with a bogey or two, because I know I can get those strokes back if I stay focused.

Getting mad or upset ALWAYS leads to a bad round.

I can’t remember how many times I have able to turn – what started out as a bad round – into a great round by staying focused and calm. During a Pro Tournament I started my round with 2-bogies and was teeing off on Hole Number-4 at 2-Over Par. What happened next? I went on a string of birdies and eagles and posted a score of 62. After that round I felt like I could pretty much “come back” from any kind of difficulty at the start of a round. I have since posted scores of 61, 60, and 59 during Pro Tournaments. It’s all about staying focused on the shot I have to make now and making the very best shot that I can.

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