Why we are a Non-Profit


When we founded the Alabama Junior Golf Association we had a decision to make: should we be a For-Profit or a Non-Profit?

Our objective with the Alabama Junior Golf Association is to keep the cost of playing junior golf as low as possible.

Our Association is self-funding through Membership and Tournament fees.

We are also committed to providing our members a very positive and consistent tournament experience. We have the same Tournament Staff Teams at each tournament. In the Summers we use current College Golfers as tournament staffers.

Examples of our Non-Profit “thinking”:

  • We are continually upgrading our website and put a lot of man-hours into making improvements. This year we made a major upgrade to our website so we can keep the full-range of Player Stats and make the tournament entry process much easier.
  • Members, who take part in our Premium Players Club, have a Public Player Profile that is their personal web page for letting other know about their progress in tournament golf – like College Coaches.
  • We offer our Members College Scholarships
  • We have iPhone and Android Apps
  • We provide our members with USGA/GHIN Handicaps. It requires extra work on our part – but it’s in the best interest for our Members to maintain a Handicap
  • We actively promote other Junior Tours and Tournaments. It’s more important to us that our Members play a Tournament Schedule that will advance their junior golf career – as opposed to maximizing our tournament fields.

For-Profit Junior Golf Tours are obviously involved in Junior Golf to make a profit. This typically means employees, payroll, debt. None of which we have.

Profits are First – Members are Second
Other Junior Golf Tours in Alabama, who run 1-Day Tournaments, are hoping that their Junior Golf Program will help their “bottom-line.”

  • They see their Junior Golf Program as a “profit center.”
  • Decisions are based on “Will this make us the most money?”
  • The junior golfers are a secondary priority – profits come first.
  • In most instances these Junior Tours do not have a traveling Tournament Staff. Instead they use the golf course staff – it keeps expenses down!
  • No Online Player Profiles and in most instances no tournament scores are published on a website either!
  • Unfortunately, the “tournament experience” is inconsistent from tournament to tournament. Junior Golfers need a consistent “tournament experience” so they will be able to perform their best in State Championship and other State, Regional or National tournaments.

From day-one, our top-priority, when it comes to decisions regarding our Association – particularly financial decisions – we ask ourselves “Does this benefit our Members?”

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