About Your Handicap

About Your Handicap

An important part of competitive golf is having a USGA/AGA Handicap. Most junior golf tours do not require players to have a handicap. We believe that in order to become the best golfer you can be – maintaining a handicap plays an important part.
The AJGO requires that all players in our tournaments have a USGA/AGA handicap. The AJGO issues a USGA/AGA Handicap Indiex Number to all Members who do not a Handicap.

Did you know?
In order Enter to a USGA or AGA Event
- like the Boys for Girls State Junior Amateur -
you must have a USGA/GHIN Handicap.
One of the benefits of membership with Alabama Junior Golf Association is a complimentary membership with the Alabama Golf Association (AGA). The AGA, founded in 1915, is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to serving the game of golf and its member clubs their members. The AGA provides USGA handicap indexes for golfers in the state of Alabama. The AGA uses the GHIN service to calculate and store the handicap data.

As a member of Alabama Junior Golf Association, you also receive a complimentary USGA Handicap index with the AGA and have access to your own USGA Handicap so you can post scores at GHIN.com
The handicap is active only while you are a member of Alabama Junior Golf Association and becomes inactive on December 31 of each year along with your Alabama Junior Golf Association membership.
In order to reactivate your USGA/AGA Handicap ID number you must renew your Alabama Junior Golf Association membership in each new year or your can reactivate . If you no longer participate in Alabama Junior Golf Association programs (e.g. because you are too old), you may continue to renew your USGA/AGA Handicap through another AGA Member Golf Club for a nominal fee.

What’s the “big deal” with keeping a Handicap?
Keeping a USGA GHIN Handicap is what makes you an “amateur golfer.” Amateur Golfers maintain a USGA GHIN Handicap – throughout their life – so they can enter tournaments that are run using USGA Rules.
If you want to play in the Alabama Junior Amateur, the USGA Junior Amateur, and other State or National tournaments, you MUST have a USGA Handicap to enter.
As an adult, if you want to play in the State Amateur, you must have a USGA Handicap to enter.
How often should I post a score?

Every round of 9-holes or 18-holes that you play.

Why so many? That’s a lot! 

It takes a lot of scores to make an accurate handicap.

What do mean by “accurate handicap”?
Anyone can have a “low handicap” by just entering their lowest scores at their home-course. But it’s really easy to figure out if a player can play as well as their handicap indicates: just look at their tournament scores! If their tournament scores are always a lot higher than their handicap – why? Maybe they need more tournament experience? Maybe they need to play on more types of golf courses? Are they posting all of their scores to their handicap?

Why would someone look at my handicap?
College Coaches are very interested in a player’s handicap. You can tell quite a bit about a player from their handicap: Lets say a player has a 2.1 Handicap and their Average Score in a Tournament is 81.6 strokes. The difference between this player’s handicap and their Tournament Stroke Average is pretty big, about 10-strokes. It makes a few questions come to mind: Is the player just posting rounds played on their home-course to their handicap? Does the player have much tournament experience? Can the player play well on different types of courses?

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