About the Cleveland Golf Rewards Program

How you earn Cleveland Golf Reward Points

Tournament Play: each Member earns ten (10) points for each AJGO tournament in which they play.

Friend Referrals: Each AJGO Member has a unique Referral Code that they can share with friends using Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

  • You earn ten (10) points for each friend who either joins the AJGO or plays in a tournament. You can earn a maximum of ten (10) points per friend referral.
  • The ten (10) points will be added to your Player Account as a result of your friend entering your Referral Code when they register online.

The purpose of the Cleveland Golf Reward Points Program is to:

      1. reward members for playing in tournaments;
      2. encourage members to refer our Association and Tournaments to friends; and
      3. promote the use of Cleveland Golf equipment. Cleveland Golf is a generous supporter of the Alabama Junior Golf Association.
      4. Besides, Cleveland Golf makes the best golf equipment available!

Earning the Most Cleveland Golf Reward Points

We want all of our members to earn as many points as possible and redeem those points for all of the Cleveland Golf products that they need.

How to share your Rewards Referral Code Link

From your Players Club Account, with just 2-clicks, you can place your Referral Code Link on your Facebook Page for your friends to use. You can also use Twitter and Email to let your friends know about entering our tournaments and joining our association. Since you will receive ten (10) points for each tournament you play in – and if you get a few friends to enter too – it will not take you very long to earn enough Reward Points to get a Free Cleveland Golf Wedge, Iron, Golf Bag or lots and lots of Srixon Golf Balls.

We do have a couple of reasonable restrictions:

Current Members or players who have played in AJGO tournament are not eligible as a “Referral.” For example, when a member enters a tournament – they can’t use another Member’s Referral Code so the other member earns (10) points from their entry.

About the Cleveland Golf Equipment

We chose the CG 588 Wedges, the CG Hybrid, CG Fairway Driver, and the CG Driver XL because these clubs have large “sweet spots.” These clubs are the most “forgiving” – that is, if you mis-hit the golf ball, your shot will most likely be a “better shot” than a shot hit with a more “precise” club with a smaller sweet-spot (like “Blades”).

All of the club are standard models with “Regular” shaft stiffness. The only options are: whether you need a left-handed or right-handed club. If you want a different shaft or grip, take the club to your local golf shop for modifications.

How to Redeem your Cleveland Golf Reward Points:
CLICK HERE to go to the Cleveland Golf Reward Page and CLICK ON THE REDEEM Link that is under each item – this will take you to an Email Form, Fill it out and Click on SUBMIT and you will receive a Confirmation Email! It’s really easy.

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