College Profile Service

A Member exclusive, our College Profile Service will assist you in getting prepared for the process of becoming a college athlete.

What you need to know:

High School athletes have to start the “process” of “going to college” a lot sooner than “regular” high school students who plan on attending college.
• You have to take standardized tests MUCH sooner than regular high school students:
it’s vital that you start taking the ACT test during your Sophomore Year!
• You have to start making a list of prospective colleges during your Sophomore Year.
• You have to register in the NCAA Eligibility Center at the Start of your Junior Year.

What we do:

We will get your Player Profile completely filled out on the AJGO website. This will make is easy for college coaches to get introduced to you, your academic career, and your golf game.

We help you take swing videos and place them on the AJGO YouTube website so you can send college coaches a link to your swing video.

We compile a list of (10) colleges and college golf teams where you “fit in” from an academic and golf game standpoint.

We provide you with (3) sample emails that you can send to college coaches. Each email has a custom link back to your online Player Profile and YouTube Swing Videos.

What we don’t do:

We don’t contact college coaches.
We are not a recruiting service.
We don’t accept any kind of funds related to recruiting.

If you are ready to get started just send us an email using the form below!

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