Why Qualifiers are “Must Play” Tournaments!

The players who are in the Top-20 in the State can be “split” into 2-Groups:

Players who played in more than (12) Ranked Tournaments: they primarily entered Regional 2-Day Tournaments and virtually No National-Level Tournaments.

Players who played (8) or Fewer Ranked Tournaments: they played in 2 to 3 National-Level Tournaments and the other tournaments were Regional 2-Day Tournaments.

Here is a comparison of 2 Junior Golfers (the data is actual information from the Junior Golf Scoreboard) and the tournament schedule they played. One of the Players entered significantly more Regional Tournaments. Did it “payoff?”


National Ranking1,0331,083
Regional Tournaments Played712
Stroke Average74.974.4
Average Finish10th Place7th Place
Average Field Size52 Players53.8 Players
National Tournament Played24
Stroke Average78.375.4
Average Finish56th Place46th Place
Average Field Size71 Players118 Players
Cost of Regional Tournament7 Tournament at $600 each12 Tournaments at $600 each
Cost=Entry Fee+Travel+Lodging$4,200$7,200
Cost of National Tournaments2 Tournaments at $900 each4 Tournaments at $900 each
Cost=Entry Fee+Travel+Lodging$1,800$3,200


Player-A and Player-B are pretty evenly matched in terms of Stroke Average in Regional Tournaments of 74.9 and 74.4 respectively. Their Average Finishing position was 10th Place and 7th Place.
In the National Tournaments, their Average Finishing position was 56th Place and 46th Place. The Size of the Field in the National Tournaments was significantly higher than a Regional Tournament with, 71 and 117.5 players.

As you can see, Player-A and Player-B have virtually the same National Ranking. However, Player-B’s Total Tournament Expense was $4,300 more than Player-A.
Why did it cost so much more? Player-B entered too many tournaments that did not have a significant impact on his/her National Ranking.
To make matters worse, Player-B’s Regional Tournaments did not offer the possibility of earning an Exemption to compete in a National Tournament.

The Take Away:
Playing in 10 to 12 Regional 2-Day Tournaments is excessive (and expensive!) and, in almost all instances, will not earn you a Top National Ranking.

You have to add National-Level Tournaments to your schedule. National Tournaments have a much bigger impact on your Ranking than any other type of tournament. The most direct and the least expensive path to National Tournament is by playing in State Qualifiers that will earn you a place in a National Tournament.

It is for this reason that we have (4) Qualifier Tournaments that will allow players to get into the field of a National Championship Tournament.

You can earn an excellent National Ranking by playing in 1 or more National Tournaments and 3 to 4 Regional Tournaments. Of course, it’s up to you to post solid tournament scores!


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