Tournament FAQs

Tournament FAQ

What are the ages for player eligibility?
You must be 9 years old by the date of the tournament you wish to enter. Players must be capable of carrying their golf bag (use of a pull-cart is based on the rules of the golf course) for 18-holes and have a general understanding of the rules of golf.
Players up to age 19 are allowed to join the AJGO and play in events provided they are not full-time college students.

What age division do I play?
Players on the AJGO play in the division for their current age.  So a player who is 13, may play the Boys 13 & Under division until his 14th birthday. Upon turning 14, that player must move to the Boys 14-15 division.
A player may choose to “move up” an Age Group if they prefer, such as, a Boys 13 & Under player can move up to the Boys 14-15 Age Group before they turn 14-years old. A player would generally move up an Age Group because they want to start playing longer yardages during tournaments.

Can parents “coach” or caddie for players?
No. Parents are required to stay on the cart path at all times and can offer only refreshment or medical attention to their junior player. Parents are not allowed to offer any “coaching” advice or help with club selection, score-keeping, carrying the golf bag. etc. Our goal is for the player to learn how to play competitive tournament golf without any assistance.

When are Tee Times posted and how do I find mine?
Prior to each event we will email each player a tee sheet for the tournament round. These tee times can also be found on our webpage. To locate a tee time, go to click on SCHEDULE then click on INFO next to the Tournament of Interest. On the LEFT side under ROUNDS look for the PAIRINGS link (underlined in blue) – click there to view. You can sort Alphabetically by Player and starting hole (#1 or #10).

What time will the event be over?
The estimated time of completion of a 18-hole Round is between 4-hours to 4-1/2 hours.

What yardage I will be playing?
Go to our TOURNAMENT page for the event. The yardages for each Age Group are indicated on the TOURNAMENT page.

What if I can not Register for a Tournament Online?
The tournament could be FULL, in which case, we cannot accept any more entries.

I don’t have internet access and cannot Register Online, is there any other way to enter a tournament?
We also have iPhone and Adroid Cell Phone Apps that will allow you to enter tournaments. If you have special circumstance that require a different form of tournament entry, please call Bill Wilcox at (205) 473-1676 and we will see if we can provide you with a special solution.

What if the weather is bad?
AJGO Tournaments will be played as long as the golf course is open for “Safe Play,” as determined by the golf course staff. The AJGO believes that it is important that players have an opportunity for tournament play under all types of weather conditions.
We do not cancel tournaments because it is cold, hot, windy, raining, etc. – unless the golf course has been closed by the golf course staff.

Are pull carts permitted during Tournament play?
Pull Carts are permissible as long as the host facility does not have a rule against using Pull Carts. Caddies are NOT permitted.

Are spectator carts permitted during Tournament play?
Spectator Carts are permissible during AJGO tournaments as long as the host facility does not have a rule against them. Spectator Carts are at the sole discretion of the Golf Course Staff.

Are “Range Finders” permitted during Tournament play?
Yes. We will allow distance measuring devices that measure distance only. Slope and wind measurements will not be allowed.

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