Why We Play Tournaments Year-round

Why do we play tournaments year-round?

  • We believe that it is very important to play tournament golf year-round in order to keep your golf swing consistent. As you grow taller – taking a break of 2 or 3 months – can cause a problem with you golf swing.
  • Playing in tournaments year-round keeps you in “tournament mode” and focused on practicing.
  • Everyone likes playing in good weather, but golf tournaments are also scheduled, for example, in the Spring (High School tournaments are in the Spring) and it can be cold, raining, and the golf course can be wet.
  • To get better you have to be able to play under all golf course and weather conditions.

“I played in junior golf tournaments 12-months a year. First, I really liked tournament play and I wanted to play as often as possible. Second, since I grew quite a bit from age 9 to age 18, I played year-round so my golf swing would not change as I got taller. Third, a lot of the time the weather and course conditions were less than ideal. I wanted to get use to playing in the heat, rain, cold, wind and not have it hurt my score. I also wanted to be able to go to a golf course I had never played before and post a good score.
 As a tournament golfer, it doesn’t do you much good if the only time you can post a low round is at your home course on a sunny day with no wind – and everywhere else you shoot 10-strokes higher.”
—Will Wilcox, Professional Tour Golfer

Year-round tournament play will give you the experience to play your best!

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