Rainouts and Inclement Weather

The AJGO will make every effort to play an event to the conclusion. We will continue to play in wet weather and cold weather unless lightning or severe weather is in the near forecast. In the event the participants need to evacuate the course, tournament officials and the host facility will sound an air horn. Once the air horn is blown you must discontinue all play. Wherever your ball lies, please mark it and we will make every effort to continue playing.

In the event a stipulated round is canceled due to inclement weather, the AJGO will make every effort to post a score for that day. 9-hole increments will be used for shortened rounds. An entire age division must be through at least the same 9 holes for the score to post for that day otherwise no scores will be posted. If a stipulated round is completed by some groups and not others, the round WILL be official for those that finished the appropriate number of holes. No credits or refunds will be issued for shortened events.

If NO golf is played, and the ENTIRE event is canceled, AJGO accounts will be credited in full for the event. The credit will be in the player’s account to use for entry into a future AJGO event.

Rainouts and Inclement Weather

‍The AJGO has a NO refund policy on all Memberships and Event Registrations purchased. The following Tour Credit policy has been issued for ALL Event Registrations. Before withdrawing from a tournament please review our policies. All WD requests must be submitted via email to [email protected]. Your email will be returned within 24 hours. In the email, please include the player’s name, reason for WD, and which option below you would like to choose. Please note that WD’s cannot be accepted over the phone and must be in writing.